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The Announcer, Arena director, and Head Dancers

Music for pow-wow dance competitions and other activities is provided by a “Drum,” which is a closely knit group of singers who play a large, specially designed drum and sing traditional songs. They are also often called a Drum Group. …The Announcer, Arena director, and Head Dancers »»

Pow Wow Participants

Pow Wow participants include dancers from tribes throughout the United States and Canada, who participate in hundreds of pow wows and celebrations each year. They come from every state in the Union and every province of Canada. At times, even participants from the Native tribes of South America participate. …Pow Wow Participants »»

Rules for Competition Dancers

Each pow wow has a set of rules for the dancers competing for prize money. These are the general rules in effect at most pow wows. …Rules for Competition Dancers »»

Contest rules and regulations for pow wow singers, also known as drum groups.

Different pow wows have different rules and regulations which they follow to govern their celebration. Some are old and have been in place for hundreds of years, while others may be fairly new and are in a constant state of modification. Here are the general rules and regulations for pow wow singers, also known as drum groups. …Contest rules and regulations for pow wow singers, also known as drum groups. »»

The Grand Entry

Although pow wows may differ, depending on the location or type, and the exact order may be different, the Grand Entry usually starts off the festivities. Here is the usual order at Northern Pow Wows. …The Grand Entry »»

Pow wow judges

The selection of the pow wow judges is very important to ensure a successful pow wow. At some pow wows the head judges are selected by the Pow Wow Committee; they may also recommend singing and dancing judges. …Pow wow judges »»

The Powwow committee

Pow wows are the result of a lot of hard work done by many dedicated people who work for an entire year to make sure that it is successful. …The Powwow committee »»

History of the Modern Pow Wow

Competitive singing and dancing for prize money is a recent change in the traditional pow wow. Prize money is awarded to top point-getters at the culmination of the event for both dancing and singing/drumming competitions. …History of the Modern Pow Wow »»

What is a pow wow?

Pow Wow is a gathering where Native American dancing, singing and celebration take place. There are dozens of different pow wows that take place throughout the country in all seasons of the year, but the most popular pow wow season is summer in the Northern US and winter in the Southern states. …What is a pow wow? »»

Powwow Etiquette

Here are some basic rules  you should observe when you are a guest at a pow wow. …Powwow Etiquette »»