Pow Wow Terminology

This section explains a bit of the history of the modern pow wow gathering, and some of the common terminology used at pow wows.

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The Drum

Drums can come from a variety of sources. Some are handed down in a family; others are donated to a drum group. Older drums are made of deer, elk or horse hides, but contemporary bass drums can be purchased or … Continue reading

Host drums and drum groups

Music for pow-wow dance competitions and other activities is provided by a “Drum,” which is a closely knit group of┬ásingers who play a large, specially designed drum and sing traditional songs. They are also often called a Drum Group.

The Announcer, Arena director, and Head Dancers

There are many leadership roles to fill to make any pow wow run smoothly and be enjoyable for all. The people chosen to fill lead positions are well respected in their communities, and are expected to be role models for … Continue reading

Pow Wow Participants
The Grand Entry
The Powwow committee
History of the Modern Pow Wow
What is a pow wow?