Powwows in Alaska

Find powwows and Alaskan Natives events in Alaska. Learn about pow wow etiquette, terminology, vendor applications, and more.

…Powwows in Alaska >>

Cherokee Pow Wows

A list of pow wow’s sponsored by Cherokee Tribes. …Cherokee Pow Wows >>

The Gourd Dance

The Gourd Dance is not a “Pow Wow Style” of dance. Gourd Dances are held regularly by several groups especially in Oklahoma. Today the dance is being done at Pow Wows before, after, and between intertribal dancing. …The Gourd Dance >>

Anishnawbe Four Directions Song

Lyrics and English translation of Anishnawbe Four Directions Song. The video lyrics are in the native language. …Anishnawbe Four Directions Song >>

Kiowa Gourd Dance Society history and traditions

A Kiowa gentleman explains about how the Kiowa Gourd Dance Society began, who is allowed to join this society, and the Kiowa Gourd Dance Society traditions. …Kiowa Gourd Dance Society history and traditions >>

Hoop Dance

In Anishinaabe culture, a Manitou named Pukawiss, brother of Nanabozho, and born to live amongst the people, created the hoop dance. …Hoop Dance >>

Owl Dance

The Owl Dance is performed by couples to the beat of a hand drum. It is performed at social events and all ages participate. …Owl Dance >>

Old Style Side Step Jingle Dance

The story of the Jingle Dress Dance begins in Whitefish Bay, a reserve village located on the shores of Lake of the Woods in southwestern Ontario. Small and isolated, it is a Native community where traditional values and sensibilities can still flourish. …Old Style Side Step Jingle Dance >>

The Crow Hop

A unique form of dancing which has developed within the Indian culture is the Crow Hop. It has also been called the Skip Dance and the Jump Dance. …The Crow Hop >>

The Round Dance

The Round Dance was in earlier times known as The Dance of the Slain. Women were the main performers of this dance, which allowed them to show their pride and mourning at the same time. …The Round Dance >>