Pow Wow Dances

Learn about the different pow wow dance styles and social dances, honor dances, war dances, and more.

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The Kiowa Gourd Dance was once part of the Sun Dance

Inspired both by legend and history, the gourd dance ceremony is an essential part of the Kiowa people. The first thing to know about the gourd dance is that unless you’re Kiowa, you probably haven’t seen it—even if you think … Continue reading

The gourd dance and gourd dance rattles

The Gourd Dance is not an intertribal or competition “Pow Wow Style” of dance. Gourd Dances are held regularly by several groups especially in Oklahoma. Today the dance is being done at some Pow Wows before, after, and between intertribal … Continue reading

Kiowa Gourd Dance Society history and traditions

A Kiowa gentleman explains about how the Kiowa Gourd Dance Society began, who is allowed to join this society, and the Kiowa Gourd Dance Society traditions.

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