Pow Wow Music

Pow Wow music centers around the drum. For this reason, the singers are often referred to as a Drum Group, or simply as The Drum. Drum groups are usually made up of extended family members and friends, and are often named for the primary family, but not always.

Different types of songs are sung for different events—Grand Entries, dance contests and honoring ceremonies. In recent years, drum groups have begun to win Grammy’s for their recordings in the new Native American music category.


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R. Carlos Nakai

R. Carlos Nakai is best known for his native American flute songs. However, to become the world’s premier Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai had to rely more on research and innovation and less on his Navajo-Ute heritage.

Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike (Primeaux & Mike)

Primeaux & Mike are best known for their Native American Church and Peyote songs. In 2002 Bless the People won the Grammy for Best Native American Album and the Nammy for Best Traditional Recording.

Black Lodge Singers

The Black Lodge Singers are one of the most respected northern style drum groups on the pow-wow circuit, highly in demand as a host drum throughout the United States and Canada. This Grammy Nominated drum group has more than thirty … Continue reading

Anishnawbe Four Directions Song
Special Pow Wow Songs include the Flag Song, Honor Songs and Trick Songs
Different types of songs are sung for different pow wow events