Pow Wow Participants


Pow Wow participants include dancers from tribes throughout the United States and Canada, who participate in hundreds of pow wows and celebrations each year. They come from every state in the Union and every province of Canada. At times, even participants from the Native tribes of South America participate.

Some smaller pow wows serve as opportunities to gather during the winter months and may be more of a local event.

Only registered contestants can participate in the dance contests, but when the announcer calls for an Intertribal dance, everyone can take part—tourists included. You don’t need a traditional dance outfit, or even a feather, beads or bells; you can dance in your street clothes. Try it, it’s a lot of fun!

There are no spectators at a pow wow. Everyone is considered a participant, even if you don’t do anything but lend your presence. Everyone has a place in the circle of people.